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Disaster Preparedness for Families

Are you and your family ready for a disaster? Ask yourself: What hazards can affect my home, workplace, or school?


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Disaster Sanitation

Have you ever thought about where you’ll "go" when there is nowhere to "go"? After a major earthquake, we may need to live without running water and working toilets for weeks or months.

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Earthquake Preparedness

Since 2010, four local earthquakes have shaken Washington County. In 1700, the entire Pacific Northwest felt a major earthquake from the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 600-mile-long fault that runs parallel to the Oregon and Washington coastlines.

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Emergency Supplies

An emergency can happen at any time. Being ready means having emergency supplies on hand. These supplies should meet the needs of everyone at home, including pets.

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Emergency Water

Storing water for emergencies is one of the most important things you can do. Most people can survive for several days or weeks without food but only a few days without water.

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Extreme Temperatures in Summer and Winter

Summers are getting hotter in the Portland metro area. The average number of days over 90 degrees has gone up—from 11 days a year in the past to our new normal of 22 days a year.

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Get Connected

During a disaster, use voice phone calls for emergency purposes only, such as calling 911 for help. Text for everything else.

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Home Preparedness

Statistics show that most fires, accidents, and injuries occur in the home. Furniture, appliances and even knick-knacks can become hazards in an earthquake. You can take steps now to make your home safer before a disaster.

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People with Disabilities

If you or your loved one have specific needs for hearing, learning, seeing or physical mobility, there are a number of things for you to consider as you plan and prepare.

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Pet Preparedness

Many families have pets and they’re part of the family, too. They need to be ready for a disaster.

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Preparedness Calendar

Get prepared for disasters for TWO WEEKS by spreading out the cost and effort over 12 months!

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Washington County Hazards

There are many hazards that can affect you in Washington County. This flyer covers earthquakes, floods, windstorms, and winter storms because they are the most likely to occur or can cause widespread damage.

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